Ammy Moments: A New Blog Series

Ammy Moments: A New Blog Series

To echo millions of other businesses, publications, social media accounts...these are some pretty crazy, uncertain times we're living in right now. While I had this new blog planned for Left Lead Collective for a while now, it seems silly not to address the elephant in the room before diving into this new chapter.

Our own online store is currently shut down due to the virus outbreak affecting our supply chain, since our apparel and accessories are on a made-to-order basis and we rely on print & fulfillment partners. But, in spite of how it affects the store and the downside of people being out of work, I'm glad our partners are taking the necessary precautions to slow the spread.

So where does that leave us? With a new blog, and a new chapter for the brand. Welcome to The Flying Change, where we'll cover everything from #ROOTD recommendations, rider stories, and more - all with an emphasis on featuring adult amateur voices.

Hopefully it will bring you some peace, entertainment, and happiness in your day. Keep an eye out for the first post coming soon.

Much love!

- Eileen Shaw, Owner & Designer 

You can also find me at @thechampagnecheval on Instagram!


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